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Auto Hail
multifamily commercial roof, window, paint, and siding restoration
home or property hail damage roofing, window, paint, and siding restored or repaired
auto hail damage repair (PDR)


My insurance offered to repair a couple sections of my roof.  They approved a claim totaled $1,587.55, and after my deductible, I received a check for $287.65.  I couldn’t do anything with that amount of money.   I called Chad at Hail Restoration Specialists, and he got my claim approved for $36,459.21.  Not only did I got new gutters, I got a BRAND New roof!  Thank you so much Chad for all your hard work!  You hit a home run for me.

    -  Cathy B.

It was my first hail claim, and I was pretty nervous and didn’t know what to expect.  Chad walked me through the whole claim’s process.  He helped me get all the items damaged by the hail storm covered by my insurance.  Initially, my insurance company only covered a portion of the damaged items.  I didn’t have enough knowledge or experience to fight my insurance company, so I was fortunate that Chad was supporting and guiding me throughout the whole process.  I appreciate his tenacity and communication ability, which took away a lot of my stress and freed up my time, so I can focus on my family and job.   My claim was increased from $22,653.46 to $133,766.30!  I couldn’t have done it without Chad.   Thank you Chad!   His company did an excellent job restoring my home.  I highly recommend Chad from Hail Restoration Specialists!

  -  Julie K.

We hired Chad at Hail Restoration Specialists to help us with our hail claim.  He was able to get our roof, gutters, and paint covered.  We are happy working with Chad and his company.  They handled everything for us, which saved us a lot of time and headache.  We would recommend Chad to anyone who needs help with their insurance claim.

  -  Mani C.

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