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Insurance Claim

Many times insurance claims are a slippery slope


You think because your agent is your best friend, god father to your kid, or even a relative that "you are in good hands".

Unfortunately the way the system is set up all of those factors are of little relevance.  None of those people are the ones making the decision on how your claim gets handled or what does or does not get paid


They can certainly be an advocate for you, just like we will be, but it is again a small portion of how the claim will get processed.

The MONEY Business of Insurance Claims

There are many things that some insurance companies aren't telling you that they should be. 

They try to play little word games, and employ time tested tricks that they have learned over the years in
order to minimize and sometimes even deny coverage.  (you can Google all of them)

Having been in the industry for over 2 decades, we are not only aware of the tricks, but we will help you identify them and manage them in a efficient and legal manner.  In the event that your insurance company refuses to honor their promises to you, we will refer you to the appropriate parties and provide you with the necessary tools that you will need to obtain a successful outcome if an appraisal or a lawsuit is necessary. 

It is never our goal to push any restoration project to that level, but sometimes insurance companies try to play games, delay communications and decisions, deny legitimate coverage, and/or underpay for approved damages.

In those circumstances, it is vitally important that your project and claim have been set up properly from the beginning.

Many times they will tell you to go out and get 3 or 4 other "bids", in order to get a "better deal".  Better "deal" for who? 

If they are paying for the repairs, the best "deal for you is whoever is the most reliable, and best quality contractor. 


It's always in your BEST INTEREST to hire the BEST CONTRACTOR who is going to do quality work and be in business in 3, 4, 5 years to be able to handle any warranty claims or future construction needs!

Even Worse.... sometimes insurance companies will try to pit you the customer against the contractors or project managers in order to send you to "their approved contractors" from their "approved vendor list", for whom they are spoon feeding their claims to.

Many times these "approved vendors" are NOT even allowed to supplement if there is legitimate damage that was
missed by the insurance adjuster(s)!
PLEASE, DO NOT FALL FOR THAT TRICK. (whether you use us or not!)


We have been approached by several companies over the years with the offer of becoming an "approved contractor" under the "un-spoken / un-written" agreement that we do not see any additional damage or do not supplement for additional work that would need to be done and we have politely declined to do so. 

We are not here to make it any harder or try to beat the insurance companies up, but we also feel that the property owners who have been paying their claims for years and sometimes even decades should get the coverage that they were sold by their agent without any games or delay.

Colorado Consumer Insurance laws state that you have the right to select and use a contractor of YOUR choice


Choose the one who is most financially stable and that you feel confident will repair your home in a quality manner with quality materials, appropriate insurance coverage for their jobs and their company.  You want to be sure that they are still in business 5 years from now so that they are able to come back and service and back any work in the future should a warranty claim arise!



SO, they DON'T care if you choose the best guy or not.  (It's ALL ABOUT THE $$$ for them) 

Please don't let this happen to you.

Combine that with complying with your particular communities, cities/counties municipal building codes and add in any particular subdivision or HOA guidelines, and you can see that it can get real complex, real fast.  (that's why it is always best to have FULL coverage WITH CODE UPGRADES coverage.  Call your agent and discuss with them today!)

The good news is at Hail Restoration Specialists, we are experienced at managing all of these variables and

getting your claim and construction completed as professionally and efficiently as possible. 

We strive to provide excellent service and resolve even the most comprehensive claims with time proven systems and integrity.


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