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The Process of Filing a Claim


As an experienced project/claims management company, we understand the Insurance Claims

process can be confusing to say the least. 


What we offer you is peace of mind and confidence, knowing you have our team in your corner!

We consider ourselves your "trusted advisor”.  We work with your insurance companies’ adjuster(s) to clarify

the scope of work necessary to return your property to it's "Pre-Storm Condition" and provide you with the true/actual costs associated with the repairs so you receive a fair price and fair settlement on your covered claim!


Here are a Few Easy Steps to Follow:

1.  CALL US.

Call 303-981-1198 to schedule your FREE inspection and damage assessment with one of our Claims Specialists.
(Before you talk to you insurance company if possible)


Contact you insurance company to file a claim.

When you call your insurance company:

 - Inform them of the date of loss
- Inform the company that your property has been examined by a qualified contractor who found hail and/or wind damage (only if we have already been there of course)

 - Ask the insurance representative on the phone for a claim number and when they give that to you, call us with that so we have that to refer to in our dealings with them.

If we have not been to your property yet, we will schedule a time to meet with your insurance adjuster to go over any damage that occurred from the storms(s) that took place with them. 

*You will be notified prior to the visit



The insurance companies adjuster will submit a report to the insurance company, and you and we will receive a copy of that report, which is basically a loss summary report detailing the scope of damage as the adjuster saw it during his inspection.



 -  Our Claims Specialists will review the loss summary report to ensure the agreed- upon scope of damages is complete and accurate.

 -  We will get with you to select materials and colors

 -  Your Claims Specialist will go over a construction date that will suit your schedule and ours.

 -  We will schedule and coordinate all work to be completed in a timely and professional manner.

 -  We will get materials ordered, scheduled. are delivered.

 -  We will oversee the entire construction and claims process.

 Upon completion, the work will be surveyed by a HRS Project Manager

to ensure quality and your satisfaction. (at NO extra charge to you)


-  All final invoices for the work completed, O &P, and Depreciation will be submitted to your insurance company for them to send you your final checks/payments.

 -  Your Hail Restoration Specialists representative will collect payment from you upon completion of work and, as necessary, notifies your insurance company to release any remaining funds.

 -  You are responsible only for your deductible and any agreed-upon upgrades.

 -  You receive all necessary documentation upon completion of work and receipt of payment in full.

We will work with ALL insurance companies!



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